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NOTICE: As of June 2015, password is no longer required to access recent issues of Driveline. The entire CMGC web site is once again open to public viewing including the current copy of the club newsletter. The only web site function requiring a member password is access to the membership roster.

How to use the member password to access
members only pages on this web site.

Members will find the member password printed inside the front cover of your monthly print copy of Driveline on the 4th line. It looks like this:
Chicagoland MG Club
P.O. Box 455, Addison, IL  60101
This month's members' web password:

The access the CMGC membership roster you will need to enter your user name and password, like this:

User Name 
These words are case sensitive, so do get the capitalization right.
Until further notice, your User Name will be "member", and
your Password will be posted in Driveline as noted above.

Beginning January 1, 2003, the current and recent issues of Driveline will require a password for access for a period of up to 6 months, after which they will be available without password. Past (and present) issues of Driveline may be accessed from the Driveline Archives web page.

The User Name will always be "member". The current Password will be changed monthly, and will be applied to all recent issues of Driveline, so any new member will have immediate access to all past issues. The password on the web for a new current issue will be updated immediately as soon as the new issue is posted to the web site. This should be on or about the 1st of the month with mailing of the new issue, so you may have web access as soon as you get your new print copy in the mail. The password for other recent issues will be updated to the new password three postal working days after mailing of a new issue of Driveline.

Members with a valid e-mail address may request to have the new password e-mailed to them as soon as the new issue of Driveline is posted on the web site, so you may have access to it a few days sooner. Please contact the webmaster to request this service. This service may be extended to new members as soon as their membership can be verified, so they may have access to all available issues of Driveline as soon as they join. Your name WILL be checked against the current membership list, so don't bother to ask if you are not a member. Once requested, this e-mail notification service will continue until you ask to cancel it, or until your membership expires.

The members roster web page requires the password for member only access. This page is also coded with "NO ROBOTS" to inhibit web crawlers from indexing the page, which is intended to virtually eliminate the chance of your address getting on any SPAM e-mail lists by being posted here. As such, we encourage all members to approve the listing of their e-mail address here to facilitate communication between members. This also makes it easier for the club management if you subsequently request to be added to a list for notification of other events, such as club tech sessions or late breaking news.

Best regards from your webmaster,
Barney Gaylord

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