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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Left hand drive The Steering Column

Left Hand Drive
from your President

William 'Wilbur' Mennell I had to submit this for publication before the event took place, and I probably missed it myself so I wasnt able to pick up any more parts for my non-existing Jaguar, but let me say thanks to Jim for another successful swap meet. Eight years and still going strong, which is quite a record.

Speaking of Jaguar, the rumor has been confirmed as fact by AutoWeek Magazine. Jaguar is going to introduce a new model. No, not the gorgeous two-seat F roadster that was the hit of the autoshow circuit several years back, but an X -Type estate car. The company that brought us the SS 100, C and D types, numerous LeMans victories, the XKE, and the (struggling) F1 team, is now into station wagons. Can you spell boring? I think that Coventry has lost touch with their past. Since Ford took over the operation the cars may have become more reliable, but they are also getting rather pedestrian. If he were alive today would William Lyons be as POd (personally offended) as I?

Whats this have to do MGs you ask? Well the F car was supposed to be somewhat affordable, along the lines of a Boxster or Z3. A little more than what an MG cost new, but they were getting rather pricey at the end. And dont forget inflation. But now if one is looking for a modern version of an MG or other LBC, Miata is about it. Or you could wait a year for the new Pontiac Solstice. And they will be noticeably less expensive than that other non-existing Jag.

Its a little early for most of us to be out driving our MGs with the road salt and all, but its not too early to start planning for the summer driving events. We are in desperate need of a parking lot for the gymkhanas, so if you have any connections please let us know. Or if you would like to write a rallye, we can use your help there also.


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