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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Dogleg Repair Tech Session

by Curt Bork

      Saturday April 15th—A gorgeous day for a drive in the country and 12 members of the Rockford Boots and Bonnets Club and 2 Chicagoland MG Club members took advantage and made the trip to Curt Bork’s workshop in Kirkland Illinois.

      Curt had his own 1976 MGB’s doglegs in various stages of body work showing all four corners in various stages of the repair process. A 1973 MGB with serious rocker panel, dogleg and floorboard rust was also on a roll around cart for participants to view. The 73 is undergoing evaluation as to whether it is economically feasible to repair and exhibits rust at its worst.

      Boots and Bonnets member, Rick Hamaker provided his blue 1970 MGB and a Moss left rear dogleg for the session project. The dogleg in question on Ricks car was beginning to show a few rust holes and substantial paint bubbling. Cutting open the afflicted area showed major rust in the rocker panel underneath the dogleg also. Rick’s center rocker panel and most of the rest of the car is in pretty good condition due to extensive undercoating and “Ziebart” type treatment early in the car’s life.

      The dogleg and rocker panel section were removed using a plasma cutter, body saw and air chisel. The rocker panel section was replaced with a fabricated patch panel, inner areas treated with rust preventative and the new dogleg was fitted and welded in place. Final treatment was a thorough spraying with WaxOil inside all the cavities. Rick will accomplish the remainder of the filling and bodywork necessary prior to repainting.

      The entire process took about 5 hours with at least 1 1/2 hours repairing Curt’s Miller Tig welder, which died, midway through the session. Logical troubleshooting of the welder and repair to its main contactor got us back on line.

- - Photos courtesy of Curt Bork - -
The following two pictures did not appear in the printed issue of Driveline.

External cancer.
Internal cancer.

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