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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline
Raymond Gloriosio 1948 Gas Tank
by Ray Glorioso

Months ago I asked at the end of one of our monthly meetings if anyone had had any luck repairing leaking gas tanks. I got some suggestions and have since repaired my tank with these results.

First my tank is exposed and painted. It attaches to the rear of the car between the spare tire and the back of the body tub. Because of its position I was concerned about the visual appearance of the repair. Ralph Nader might be concerned about the tank placement.

When I bought the car or when I took over the financial responsibility, the tank leaked. I spent about 300 or 400 dollars to have it repaired. It was boiled out and the zinc dipped to stop a seam leak. That was probably 14 years ago. It left me with a tank that was a clean as any that I have seen but was leaking again.

The product that I chose to use was “Pour 15’s” Fuel Tank Sealer. I mixed it up and poured into the tank and the rotated it around three or four times so that each surface was down once during each rotation. The product was then returned to the can and the tank stood up to drain the excess.

I can see where the gas was leaking, I can see the sealer peeking out of a seam on the bottom.

So far no gas is leaking I hope that it stays that way.

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