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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
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  Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline
Driveline - December 2004

Intro & Club Officers
November Meeting Report
Dues are Due
Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive
Welcome New Members
MG Midget Revival
Just a Simple Wrench
Fall Tune Down Party
Cruise to the Rock
Soapbox for Co-Chairman
Elections, Please Vote
CMGC Holiday Party
Camping at the BRIC
Alternator Conversion Day
Amtrak Road Trip

  Driving Events Planning
  9th Annual All British Swapmeet
  MGB Air Test Tweak
  CMGC Events
  Other Events
  Back Cover
MGA on hoist
Happenings at the Fall Tune Down Party
See article "Fall Tune Down Party"
More photos and notes at

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