Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline January 2018
Feature Event

Lots of door prizes for all!

Chicagoland & Vintage MG Club
Holiday Party

Saturday, December 2, 2017

On December 2nd the MG faithful gathered at Wheat Stack in Lisle, IL to celebrate the Holiday Season in style. 80 members of the Vintage MG Car Club and the Chicagoland MG Club began the evening with the traditional cocktail hour and comradery.

Vic L'Heureux acted as this year's MC with CMGC President Ray Hansen and initiated the evening’s itinerary; both looking damper in their tuxedo’s. This year Jamie Schafer (Driving Events Coordinator) starting off with club driving awards. Jamie presented a number of driving awards for best driver-navigator, event placement and a number of other categories.

A special treat this year was a medley of songs played on the bagpipe. Ralph Arata piped in his guest who then show us how the pipes are really played...good try Ralph…. Stick to your daytime job!

With the awards done, a prime rib dinner was served family style. Victor then presided over the door prize announcements and the Christmas grab bag. The turnout for this event good, the dining facility was well decorated and the food was elegantly prepared and plentiful.

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