Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline June 2017
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2017 Spring Chicken Run
May 7, 2017

Up to now the spring weather has not been cooperative for many top down driving days. Sunday, May 7th, turned out to be a beautiful day with slightly cool temperatures, but not a cloud in the sky. It was great to enjoy the drive with the top down. This is our 6th year for Jana and me hosting the Spring Chicken Drive. There were 22 cars in all participating in the drive: 2 TDs, 1 M-series, 1 Midget, 1 RV8, 14 MGBs, 3 non-MGs and 1 MGA that came just for the gathering but did not participate in the Drive.

Club member cited for unauthorized mosquito abatement activities.
Jean Heasley & Bill Kalafut get ready to take the Driverís Challenge.

Driverís Challengeófront end...

Rallye driverís meeting to start the run...

Driverís Challengeórear end...

The drive started with a driverís challenge. Two vertical rods were set up and each driver trying to get as close as possible to each rod without touching it. One attempt to the front of the car and the other to the back of the car. Each distance was divided into 100 to get a score. So, a one inch measurement was worth 100 points and 5 inches was worth 20 points and so on. The winner of the driverís challenge was Rick & Shirley Rausch, but I made the call that it had to be in an MG. Rick was only 1-Ĺ inches from the rod in reverse. I was sure that he had a backup camera in his car, but I was wrong. He did
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