Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2012
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Lands End Rally
August 5, 2012

Mark your calendars for the Land's End Rally being held on Sunday, August 5th

The starting point is still being determined, but will be in the near west/northwest suburbs. Our ending point will be Starved Rock Park in Utica, Illinois including a nearby watering hole for food and refreshments.  Check the Club website for more updates.

~~ Russ and Amy Mehaffey    


Tech Session

MGB Brake Booster and Master Cylinder Rebuild
Saturday, June 9, 2012


Nine members assembled in Jim Evans’ garage on a warm

Saturday morning to rebuild a rubber-bumper brake master cylinder as well as the brake booster unit. Taking out the unit was easier than expected and soon the assembly was being disassembled and cleaned before the rebuild. The purchased repair kit contained more than the required parts for this rebuild since the kit could be used for different braking systems. Deciding what parts were needed and what order to replace them called for a systematic method for noting what pieces came out and in what orientation. Reassembly was straight-forward with this method.

The completed unit was reinstalled into the car in short order. Bleeding the system was per-formed utilizing an EZ-Bleed unit. Three of the wheels were air-free in short order. The forth wheel was not cooperating—even with firm pressure on the brake petal, no fluid was being expelled through the open bleed valve. Troubleshooting the problem found a serious amount of rubber-like material being ejected from the opened brake hose. With the lines clear, the system bleed was completed. This brake line hose will have to be replaced at the next opportunity.

The project was completed after a quick brake shoe adjustment and a test drive. Thanks Jim for sharing your garage and expertise in the project.

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