Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline July 2017
Past Event

Land’s End Rally
June 4, 2017

Sunday morning was overcast in the northern suburbs and the Saturday evening weather forecast identified the possibility of scattered showers south of Chicago. Rain or shine I headed to the Land’s End Rally. I had the top down, a learned navigator (one who can read) and a full tank of gas so I was prepared. The drive to Burr Ridge was accented by some very exclusive looking neighborhoods on the route that Map Quest had suggested. It was easy to identify the starting point when we arrived at the Burr Ridge Village Center, the brightly colored British cars sort of make a statement. A total of fifteen MGs showed up: ten B’s (I think Dino’s RV8 is titled as a B), an MGA, a Midget and three TDs.

The traditional Driver’s Meeting at the start of the rally

The temperature was very mild and the cloud cover was dissipating allowing bright sunshine to illuminate the rally instructions. The instructions were very complete and appeared challenging. We needed to count and tally the number of crossing signs – which I was ready for. I advised my navigator, Ric that we should group and document the number of each sign type (deer crossing, pedestrian, bike, truck, duck etc.) because there might just be a tricky final question or two at the end asking how many of each sign type. We also expanded our listing to watch for train tracks, airports, manual water pumps and portable toilets. There were to be some tune up questions at one check point so I made sure Ric was aware of the MGTD’s brake master cylinder hiding place.

Driving skill challenge—parallel parking…. Oops!

Dean started the rally with a driving skill challenge which also had the effect of spacing the cars out. You had to parallel park your car positioning it evenly between cones. The number of inches difference between the front and rear space became your beginning penalty points, if any. In my case I managed to accumulate a number of initial points. We began the route trying to be very observant – water pumps and portable toilets – really? Some established homes were likely good spots for abandoned water pumps in less than prominent locations. Then we spotted the first water pump – it was being used to support a mail box – boy how tricky, but we got it. Later at the forest preserves we saw more, newer, maybe active hand water pumps and portable toilets. We were stumped by the airport category the helicopter repair facility did not seem to have a Heli-pad and the small active RC controlled model airplane airport was on the left side of the car when it was first detected. We are pretty sure we did not return at any time on that street so our airport count was zero. The time flew by and if seemed very quickly we were pulling into the parking lot of Del Ray’s Chicken Basket. I heard that the restaurant used to have some good bands and well know singers for entertainment, ask Phil Law for the first hand details.

1st place was Steve & Jody Sparks in the Midget; 2nd place tie was Steve & Liz Gorr and Bill Kalafut & Jean Heasley in MGBs; 3rd place was Phil & Sandy Wydra in an MGB
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