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Lee Calan Imports
Security & Sounds, Inc
Intro & Club Officers
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Imperial Motors Inc
Steven E. Glochowsky
Excelsior Motors
Ritter Brothers Ltd
Illinois Imports
The 1979 National Convention
Foreign Car Clinic
International Automotive Supply
Two Baseball Extravaganzes!
European Auto Body
Did You Move?
Tire Connections, Inc
Road America, June Sprints
Vintage MG & Vette
MG Myths And Magic
Meyhoefer Distributors
Algonquin Imports Inc
Body Work Unlimited
Import Car Specialists
Harlem-Irving M.G. Car Show
Lee Stone, Inc
Worldwide Auto Parts
Lindman Imports
Diversey Foreign Car Service
Imports Unlimited Inc
British Motor Car
Photos of the MG Factory
AutoExpo, New York
Opel Eng Mfg Ltd
M & M Foreign Auto Service
Volume Three
Number Five
May 21, 1979

  AC Imports
  Book Review
  European Parts Inc
  American MGB Association
  Lou's Auto Body Shop
  Audco Restorarion Palace
  Chicago Chapter T-Shirts
  European Auto Electronics
  Join the Straff of MGB!
  Town & Country
  International Import Car Parts, Inc
  Beck/Arnley Corp
  Vintage MG Car Club, Chicago
  S. M. Duxler
  Grille Badges
  Petterson Safety Service
  Evanston Automotive
  Chicago Music Corporation
  How To Keep It Running Good
  European Autohaus
  Mario's Foreign Car Repair
  International Import Motors Ltd
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