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Behind the Wheel,
The Great Automobile Aficionados

by Robert Puyal

12010, hardbound, 235 pages, photos

This book is large, 12-1/2 by 10 inches, with numerous full page photographs, so it almost rates as a coffee table book. In our house we don’t have a coffee table, but we do have several end tables, although they usually hold martinis or negronis. But I digress. There are eighty brief sketches (dare I say ‘auto’ biographies) of international motoring personalities or aficionados, including Steve McQueen, Henry Ford, Pat Moss, and others that I was not familiar with, such as Michele Mouton. Curiously missing is a chapter on Jim Renkar. The book was originally written in French then translated into English, so some of the phrasing is interesting.

~~ Bill Mennell

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