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World’s Greatest Outlaw Road Race

by Brock Yates

2002, softbound, 281 pages, b&w and color photos

You have probably seen the movie starring Burt Reynolds and have read articles about the Cannonball races held in the 70’s. Now you can read the true story behind all five of the coast-to-coast races. Yes, there were participants masquerading as priests, a phony ambulance, and a chauffer driven Rolls Royce. The first race had an MGBGT (not in the movie) and Dan Gurney driving a Ferrari Daytona.

Yates writes about each race chronologically with various participants giving their accounts of the event. He also talks about the movie, which was originally written as a drama and scheduled to star Steve McQueen. A real salute to Washington’s solution to the 70’s gas crisis, the 55MPH national speed limit. -- Wilbur

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