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Carriages Without Horses
J. Frank Duryea and the Birth of
the American Automobile Industry
by Richard P. Scharchburg

1993, hardbound, 26 pages, b&w photos.

This history of the Duryea brothers and their automobiles documents the beginning of the Duryea Motor Wagon company. It also attempts to correct the record of which of the brothers was really responsible for the development of the first and subsequent cars. The book documents building the first car in Springfield, MA along with the second car which won the first automobile race in the US (in Chicago, 1895). It continues with J. Frank’s victory in the London to Brighton Run in England of 1896. The author continues with the family feud that arose between the brothers and continued after they had died. The book is an interesting story of the men who created the greatest American industry. -- John Schroeder

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