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The 200 MPH Steamroller - Book Two: The Italian Job
by B.S. Levy

2015, 542 pages, hard bound

As the title states, this is the second book in the current Burt Levy series. The setting is 1962-3. The early stages of The Mustang, Lotus-Ford, Cobras, and Ford GT40s. Harry Fairway (Henry Ford II) is attempting to purchase an Italian car company (Ferrari) to get into international racing. But the Deuce is played like a fiddle by Il Commendatore. Ford comes back in 1966 and Carrol Shelby and Ford soundly kick Ferrariís behind.

We all know the story. But Levyís somewhat fictionalized accounting is great reading. He doesnít pull any punches in regards to the Fairway family, especially with the nickname he gives Harry. Or his wife and daughter. I donít think that Ford will be giving him any free Lincolns to drive. If you have read any of Burt Levyís stories (if not, you should) you know that they are long, going off on more tangents that a high school math class, but thatís what makes them good. One can really get the color and feel of the time. I would suggest reading Book One: The Red Reign before starting this one.

Review by: Wilbur Mannell

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