Chicagoland MG Club: Fill 'er Up
MG Car Club: The First Seventy Years (1930-2000)
by Mike Hawke

213 pages, photos and illustrations

This volume was donated to the club by Steve & Jan Selan back in 2001 for the CMGCs 25 anniversary, but it is worth another look today. The year 2000 was the 70th anniversary of the MG Car Club (England). This book is a history of the club and some of its more prominent members. The story behind the Nuffield Cup, which we won several years ago, is explained. Did you also know it was won in 1959 by the Chicago Centre? Affiliated clubs and registers throughout the world are also highlighted, including Chicagoland. How many members can you recognize in our club photo? Was it taken at Abingdon, Illinois?

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