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The Grand Prix Saboteurs
by Joe Saward

2006, softbound, 351 pages, b&w photos

The true story of the 1920s and 30s grand prix drivers who were enlisted by the British to set up resistance organizations behind the German lines during WW2 is told in this volume. The beginning of the book talks about the European racing scene prior to the war. Grand prix racing was different than what we know today. Would Bernie run a hill climb on the up ramps of a multi-level parking garage in down town Paris?

The body of the book is about recruitment and training, the actual ‘work’ done by men and women, and what happened if they were discovered by the Nazis. The book is written as a history, not a novel, so it reads as such. More of a military history than a car book, and I found it fascinating. But then again I spent an entire day in Holland at a war museum in Arnhem.

Review by: Wilbur Mannell

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