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The Red Car
by Don Stanford

1954, 182 pages, paperback.

This edition was printed in 1971, back when paperbacks were small. They could fit into a back pocket of a pair of Levis, sneaked into high school class, placed behind a text book and read during a boring calculus lecture. Or maybe it was detention study hall. I sat thru plenty of both. Anyway, this is the book that introduced many a youth to the world of MGs. Maybe you were one of them. The teenage hero, Hap Adams, without his fatherís consent, buys a wrecked TC and eventually gets it entered into the newly formed local road race. One of the protagonists is named (need I say more) Arata. This is a nice light book that will take you back to your youth. As it was written for teens back in the 50s it should not be too advanced for the average MG owner of today. Sorry Triumph people, there are no pictures.

~~Bill Mennell

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