The Birthplace of British Motorsport

DVD European format, 2006, 65 minutes

Brooklands, The Birthplace of British Motorsport
This DVD includes a history of Brooklands, covering the years 1907 thru 1939. Brooklands was the world’s first purpose built motor racing circuit and one of England’s first airfields. Its high speed banked ‘oval,’ running counter-clockwise pre-dates Nascar and Indy. Itwas the site of the inaugural British Grand Prix and had a rich motor sport history until 1939 when WW2 necessitated its conversion into an airplane factory (Hurricanes of Battle of Britain fame) and test site. After the war the site was bought by Vickers, never to re-open as a race track. Today some of the buildings and grounds are museums of both its racing and aero past. Also included on the DVD are two silent shorts ‘100 Miles in One Hour’ and ‘Napier-Railton.’

~~ Bill Mennell

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