Chicagoland MG Club: Dr. Doolin's Engine Rebuild
Dr. Doolin MG Engine Rebuild


Engine and transmission removal

Engine dismantling

Cylinder head dismantle

Cylinder head rebuild

Youíve been asking for it, and after years we finally obtained a copy. This copy has been re-worked from the original VHS tape (no, itís not pirated) so itís a little grainy. Itís in Brit-speak, but I think we will all know the terminology. He does break for tea, but I think thatís just a euphemism for malt soda. The disc is broken down into six sections:

1. Intro
2. Engine and trans removal
3. Engine dismantling
4. Cylinder head dismantling
5. Cylinder head rebuild
6. Engine rebuild

All of this in an hour and a half, probably a little faster than you can do it in your garage, even with Steve Skeggsí help.

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