Chicagoland MG Club: The History of Motor Racing: 4. Titans II
Inside the Octagon
MG: 1921-1945

Roadster Productions Inc. and Inside the Octagon, Ltd.

Approximately 96 minutes, Color and b/w. -- VHS

Born out of the imagination of Cecil Kimber in the early 1920s, the M.G. became the most beloved of British sports cars on both road and track during the 1930s.

INSIDE THE OCTAGON, M.G.: 1921-1945 is a fascinating portrait of the pre-war M.G. Car Company painted by people who were there during M.G.’s magic years.

Through interviews and rare archival footage of pre-war M.G.s, you will experience the quest for the 100-mph “baby car,” the thrill and danger of pre-war racing, the family of M.G. workers, and the development of the most successful British sports car ever built!

• Irreplaceable interviews with MG personalities
• Rare newsreel film footage and archival photos
• Gorgeous color video of collectors’ pre-war MGs

Recognized for Film Excellence
• WorldFest Charleston Gold Award Winner
• WorldFest Houston Finalist
• Telly Awards Finalist
• Cecil Kimber Enthusiast Award—MG Drivers Club

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