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New - November 2009

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Who Fixes Your MG?
by Reinout Vogt

From September 2009 Driveline:
As MG owners you may have asked this question to your fellow members of the Chicagoland MG Club, or, you have tried to answer similar inquiries by other club members. Either way, the real answer is not so simple anymore. Most of the local MG specialists are no longer operational and even our good friend John Twist in Grand Rapids, MI recently announced the end of University Motors. In our own club we have a few members who work (part time or full time) on MG's; Don Gottlinger, Tom Josefek, and Wade Keen come to mind and there may be others as well. But Chicagoland lacks a full service, full time, MG maintenance, repair and restoration shop. And that indeed brings up the question "Who Fixes Our MG's"?

There must be a lot of MG's in the club that are being fixed by local garages, foreign car places, and weekend mechanics. How do we know that for sure? Well, let's do the math, it is quite easy and based on a few simple assumptions. The most recent membership list from our secretary Victor L'Heureux contains 282 members with a total of exactly 400 cars; 361 MG's and 39 'others'. The 361 MG's are 6 MMM's, 31 T-Types, 37 A's, 241 B's, 10 C's, and 36 Midgets but although that is interesting in itself, it's not relevant to our question.  Now let's assume that 1/3rd of these MG's are not running. They just sit in a garage or are waiting to be restored or something. That leaves 240 MG's on the road right now. Let's also assume that 1/3rd of those 240 MG's are being serviced and maintained entirely by their owners, at their homes, maybe with the help from MG friends or maybe at our Spring Tune Up, Technical Sessions and Fall Tune Down. That leaves still 160 MG's out there that are being maintained by these local garages, foreign car places, and weekend mechanics.

Wouldn't it be great if we could create a list of these local garages, foreign car places, and weekend mechanics that you would recommend to other MG drivers because you are a satisfied customer. Not that the club can formally endorse these places, and not that anybody will be held responsible. But it could be very helpful to many of us, from long time members to new MG owners in particular, if you could just find a garage in your area that might be able to help with your MG for maintenance and problems. And that you know that this place has experience with MG's or has helped other members and did a good job.  The list should include suggestions that you know and that have delivered satisfactory results on your MG. Places that you may have seen or only heard about, should not be included. Please list only those places that you have had a positive experience at.

Please send your suggestions to Reinout Vogt, either by phone at 847 342 9804, by mail at 211 E. School Lane, Prospect Heights, IL 60070, or via e-mail at I will then assemble the list which and make it available to the entire membership.

From October 2009 Driveline:
Last Month I asked for the names of people and businesses who maintain our MG's. We have received some names, but we believe that there are many more still out there. If you missed the article you can re-read it in last month’s Driveline or look it up on the website. And if you have any more suggestions, please send them to Reinout Vogt. Phone number (847) 342-9804, or
Here is the preliminary list thus far. Next newsletter we will publish it again with the new entries and with complete details and contact information.

Reinout Vogt

From November 2009 Driveline:
In the September and October editions of Driveline I asked for names of people and businesses that maintain MG's. Please check your old newsletter or read the articles on line. The list is already quite long and has places all around the Chicago area. The list is most helpful if it is maintained and growing, so keep the suggestions coming to:

Reinout Vogt - - (847) 342-9804

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