Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Morris Garages Rally
October 13, 2007

The intrepid travelers, having survived the trip to Morris, Illinois,
and a grand tour of two dozen MGs (Morris Garages).

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Question: Down draft or side draft alternative to SU. ________ & Associates
Answer: Weber

Question: Population of Oswego. __________
Answer: 19700

Question: Home of the black E-types XKs XJs. __________
Answer: Traughber Junior High

Question: DeLorean clinic. __________
Answer: Dreyer Medical Clinic (DMC = DeLorean)

Route instructions and questions were in sequence. The first couple of questions were "gimmies", intended to aid in navigation on the way out of town. Then the answers got a little more cryptic. The travel route went from North Aurora to Morris, Ilinois, with 60% of the questions being in Morris.

Question: The new fuel. __________
Answer: Corn (or Ethanol)

Question: This road will be on top of tomorrow. __________
Answer: Cherry (tommorrow was Sunday)

Question: What kind of beard is it? __________
Answer: Van Dyke

Question: What do they grow on this farm? __________
Answer: Caton

There was an unintended "trick" caused by a last minute detour from a road closure. The "CORN MAZE" sign came out of sequence, causing most ralliests to back track a little looking for it.

Question: Cecil Kimber’s memory lane. __________
Answer: Oxford Ln

Question: Big Ben gardens. __________
Answer: Westminster

Question: Who plays here? __________
Answer: Children

Question: Orange Protest sign. __________
Answer: End Construction (sorry, wrong picture)

Oxford was home to the first M.G. Car Company production, after leaving the back rooms of Morris Garages, and before moving to Abingdon.

Question: Lake full of lumber. __________
Answer: Arbor Lakes

Question: You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of oil and grease but of parts; a journey into a wondrous place whose aisles are that of supplies. Your next stop, the __________
Answer: Auto Zone

Question: What does the Postman drink? __________
Answer: Water

Question: What makes your Postman cranky? __________
Answer: Crankshaft

Question: How many ways can you get a lift with the first MG? __________
Answer: Four (car lifts inside)

Question: How long can you go free at the next MG? __________
Answer: 90 days

Question: This MG sells shoes to improve tracking. __________
Answer: Tiger Tracks

Question: The MG that always has time to tow. __________
Answer: Andy's

Upon entering the city limits of Morris, Illinois, all following questions were about MGs (Morris Garages).

Question: What kind of engines in Will’s MG? __________
Answer: Jasper

Question: A midwest MG. __________
Answer: Midwest Auto Service or Midwest Glass & Mirror

Question: How many MG’s at the corner of Wauponsee and Main? __________
Answer: Three (all fire houses)

Question: The MG door on the first MG is between __________ and __________
Answer: 122 and 120

Rally cars were parked for a while at the corner of Wauponsee and Main for a walking tour. There are three fire houses here of various age, two still in operation. On display is an old steam powered horse drawn fire engine with many momentos giving clues to several questions.

Question: How many horsepower for the Shab-a-nee engine in this MG? __________
Answer: Four

Question: How old is the engine? __________
Answer: 140 (1867 to 2007)

Question: How many ways can you spell Shab-A-Nee? Write them. __________ __________ __________
Answer: Shabni, Shabbona, Shab-A-Nee

Question: How old is the MGA?
Answer: 24 (from 1983 to 2007)

Question: How many MG doors for the coppers? __________
Answer: Two

Question: What MG handles dead people? __________
Answer: Fruland Funeral Home

Question: What does Snook’s MG service? __________
Answer: Equipment

Question: What MG do you crash?
Answer: Davidson

After a nice walk around a few blocks downtown for more answers, the driving continued north up Liberty St with a short side trip on US-Rt-6, ending at Chili's Restaurant.

Question: The cleanest precision MG in town. __________
Answer: Precision Car Wash

Question: This MG has an orphaned pilgrim. __________
Answer: Greenway

Question: This MG is behind “The Wall”. __________
Answer: Hritz Automotive

Question: Who is this "Hi-Tech" specialist MG? __________
Answer: J & M Auto Body

Question: This MG cleans to tunes like “Stayin Alive”, “Night Feaver”, and “How Deep is Your Love”. __________
Answer: BG's

Question: This MG will fix your torque converter. __________
Answer: Morris Transmission & Auto Repair

Question: This cleaning MG is a mammal. __________
Answer: Dolphin Car Wash

Question: This MG will give your M.G. a quicky. __________
Answer: Mobil 1 Lube Express

Question: This GM ain't great. __________
Answer: Talty

Question: How many MG doors at Tire & Lube Express? __________
Answer: Eight

Question: How many people fit in the Morris? __________
Answer: 12000

Question: What is the best big MG in town? __________
Answer: AM Best truck stop

The last three pictures were 3 of 4 bonus questions to be counted in case of a tie. True to the General Instructions, these questions were in sequence near the end of the rally. They were "extra credit" because you had to make a little extra effort to find them. The Wal-Mart was around the corner on US-Rt-6 going east, but was visible from Liberty St on the way north to Chili's. The population sign was a little tougher, as it was just beyond the Wal-Mart, visible coming back into town. The AM-Best truck stop was acoss the street and actually visible from Chili's, although partly hiding behind a truck stop. The forth bonus question was a ringer with no answer. We had one guess for the location of Morris Overhead Door Company. For as many references as it has on the internet as a business in Morris, Illinois, it apparently does not exist. Fortunately there was no tie, because no one got any of the bonus questions. The rally was tough enough, as the high score was 35 out of a possible 45 points.

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