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MGA Differential Swap
June 3, 2001

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Okay, time to get intimate with the underside again. Paul Urquhart decides to have a go at it this time. When he seems to be taking a little longer than expected the rest of us opt for a lunch break. Plenty of hot dogs and brats to go around, along with potato salad, baked beans and cookies. He almost looks comfortable under there, doesn't he? Well, maybe not. But he figures as long as you're under there you might as well finish the job before crawling out, so you don't have to get under there again.


Ah, finally finished underneath. This newly painted differential housing is lots nicer to work around than the original dirty one. Take just a few more minutes to fill up the differential with gear lube. By this time others have finished installing the hubs and half shafts and brake drums, but Steve has one more item on the wish list. He had recently installed a new rear brake hose, but couldn't get the old one out of the bracket on the battery carrier, so the new hose and metal hydraulic line were sort of dangling on a wire hook. Vice grips and a large Crescent wrench were not getting the old mounting nut loose, not even with generous amounts of penetrating oil. The final solution was to grind through one side of the mounting nut with a small electric hand grinder and then unscrew it. Once the mounting bracket had finally been vacated the new hose was disconnected from the steel line long enough to install it in the proper location. Then it was quick to bleed the brakes at the one wheel, good pedal pressure, and good to go.


Come on, get this thing off the stands. I wanna take it for a spin. Get out of the way, I'm rolling. Did you see how fast that TC moved?


Yeehaa! On the road again! Gone in seconds. Once around the block is enough for a good test run. Nice and quiet in the back end, a little slower and quieter running engine. Nothing dribbling out and nothing falling off. And a big grin and another thumbs up from Steve Merical.


Today we had at least nine pairs of helpful hands, and I think everybody probably got a little dirty in the process. Another good hands on tech session. We had four MGAs in attendance (including the one in the garage) and two T-types, but not one MGB in site. Maybe the MGB guys are not so interested in changing out their original 3.905 gear ratio. Anyway this little "TC FOR 2" was getting some extra attention. Well there was at least one person still working at the time.


Someone was just commenting that there is Brooklands Green duct tape available for the rock guards, as the red stuff looks a bit out of place. But the real curiosity was the bit of red label tape on the tachometer with the arrow point and a long row of dollar signs to remind the driver where the red line ought to be. The reason was a bit more obvious once the right bonnet wing was lifted to reveal the factory born belt driven supercharger. Ah, we do like to drive them in this club!

Tech session started at 9 AM and was finished around 2 PM, including the lunch break. For those who weren't there, we hope these web pages might do you some good. Cheers!

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