Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Austin Healey Club of America Gymhkana
At AMC Cantera Theater, Warrenville, IL - May 25, 2003

Large intimidating pylons demand a certain respect from small cars.
But then the more competitive among us understand that pylons were designed to be run over by automobiles.
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When registration converts to timing it's time to rumble. The baby bugeyes get to strut their stuff with near equality on the tight course, while at least one of the Lotus 7 lays down fast time of day. With 25 drivers there's no lack of competitive spirit.

Here's an MGB on a roll (body roll that is), and another one tickling flanges. This sea of cones included a sea of islands and trees, and not a straight line anywhere, strictly first gear for most cars. The BGT is ready for a hard left after the slalom.

Don Anderson nearly clips a big one right off the start. Cowboy Bralich shows how plowing is par for the day, then locks up the tires for a short slide into the stop box. Paul Urquhart gets to try out the new 5-speed shifter. On this track it shifts 1-2-1-1-1.

The big Healeys give it a noble try. Push here, push there, but somehow they manage to get around the course. Paddock area is filled with interresting hardware (and software?), but who let the MR2 in here?

The number of empty cars might equal the number of track workers (not many). Plenty of action for a nice video. The new Mini only came to visit, but almost everyone would have liked to see it run. The Lotus 7 turned FDT, but no real surprise there.

The red MGAs were doing well for the day. I think there may have been a third one here somewhere, but not everyone got in the pictures. Had to keep the hardtop on one of the Sprites to avoid confusion. Most of the drivers wanted fun runs after timing.

Pretty sure that every British car you see here was on the track for friendly competiton, and not a trailer in sight. Three cheers for the traditional drive 'em and race 'em spirit. By lunch time the blacktop was somewhat blacker, but all drove home.

Pictures may be out of sequence. Two people in the car means it's a fun run with a passenger, meaning we might take it easy (yeah, sure). In truth, the challenge is to turn in the same lap time with the extra weight.

To satisfy the local cop's curiosity, Barney takes him for a quick lap in the fast MGA. We weren't sure what his reaction would be, but he came out grinning and talking about buying an MG. Kyle here was doing his best to one up the old man, but I think Wilbur managed to preserve our older folks' dignity. Have to check the "Steering Column" report in Driveline. About noonish most of the clan moved down to the Red Robin for natter 'n' noggin while the scores were totaled and the awards handed out. Not sure if there's time to get the scores into Driveline, but you should be able to find them on the AHCH web site soon.

Numbered photos courtesy of Barney Gaylord. -- Named photos courtesy of Don Anderson.

Scores and Awards:
This was not a points event for CMGC.
The list below only has the trophy winners, not all of the entries.

Womenís Healey  1st  Melissa Brown   57:58

Menís Healey    1st  Gaylord Fill    50:73
                2nd  Carlos Cruz     54:51

Womenís Sprite  1st  Pat Brown       54:52
                2nd  Megan Lords   1:04:00

Menís Sprite    1st  Bill Cantrall   51:43
                2nd  Jerry Goodman   53:41

MGA/B Stock     1st  Barney Gaylord  49:43
                2nd  Bill Mennell    52:77

MGA/B Prepared  1st  Don Anderson    49:60
                2nd  Dave Bralich    52:47

Lotus           1st  Graeme Gee      48:12
                2nd  Jeff Plummer    48:29

Non Brit        1st  Mike Schickler  51:47

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