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Technical Seminar at Al Piemonte Ford
March 17, 2001

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The rubber bumper Midget came in on a trailer.
Rear brakes were very weak, and the fronts were locking up together
after only a few hundred feet of travel.

What we came for. Hardly need a hoist for a Midget, but it makes life easier. Starting with the rear brakes, just because they're easier. Blown wheel cylinders and brake fluid all over the place, but the drums are not badly worn.

Project by committee is not necessarily quicker, but at least we all get to learn something. Holey muffler and tube shock conversion, but that will be for another day. Front looks like a pain, so maybe later.

The jigsaw puzzle is why we only disassemble one side at a time. Stuck rear adjusters can be a real bear. The fronts don't look too bad, except for the missing body clip at the top of the hose. So why are they both locking up at the same time?

Front a-arm with a crack is another part for a future shopping list. More ways to skin a cat, so that rear adjuster WILL come out. Don't suppose racer's tape would fix the muffler. But then ah-ha! One corner is back together.

As soon as the other rear is back together we can swap out the master cylinder and bleed the brakes. Slurp out the old fluid, undo a few bolts, swap in the new master cylinder, fill it up, give it a few pumps, and .... Wait a minute! We have a little leak back here.

Well you can't all watch. Somebody has to work the bleed nipple. Let's leave the fronts for later. Slap those wheels back on and take it for a test run. Hot diggity, all is well! No lockups, no leaks, and it stops when you hit the pedal. Time for lunch at Portillos. And we notice that some of our winter vehicles are a bit larger than others.

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