Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Technical Seminar at Al Piemonte Ford
March 16, 2003

MGB gets 4-wheel brake job. - Midget gets a thorough brake and suspension inspection.
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Starting at the front, remove caliper and disassemble wheel bearing. Replacing irregular anti-rotation washer from prior servicing.

Bearing races look okay, so clean and repack the wheel bearings. Curiously, the left front bearings were loose, even with all of the shims removed. We fixed that in short order by grinding a bit off of the length of the inner race bering spacer, and then shimming to spec as usual.

Rear brakes, no problem. Replace shoes and readjust.

The Midget front brakes checked out okay, but needing to check the front suspension to discover the reason for odd wear on the tires. The lower trunion pin on the left side was broken off at the front a-arm bracket. These parts need replacing, but parts not in hand, so this may be fodder for a tech session another day. Rear brakes okay too, just needing adjustment.

Clean up time, pack up the tools and head for lunch. The sun was out and nearly t-shirt weather by the time the cars were clearing out. Find additional report in April 2003 Driveline.

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