Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
CMGC 2001 Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet
Superosa Ristaurante, Woodridge, IL - February 18, 2001

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It was an awards BANQUET. - - But remember, in the end it's all about the people.

You have to hit the apex.

Time to mob the buffet.

Enough with the speeches!

Okay, on with the awards.

Ambasador At Large

Rally Driver Champ

Look what you got.

And look what I got!

Awards for all occasions.

Wait 'till you see this.

Alright! Navigator Champ.

Wow, did we clean up!

Appreciation for loyal service.

The Driving Awards

The Shadow Awards

I didn't get nuthin?

I got too much!

I got just enough.

But I worked so hard!
And one award hand delivered to our long time club member in Grand Rapids, Michigan, John Twist and Caroline Robinson


We came to drive.

We all came to party!

Maintaining the Breed

Hand delivery and photo
above courtesy of
Jake & Ann Snyder
See March DRIVELINE for a full rundown of the awards.
Banquet photos courtesy of Elliot Gaylord

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