Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Family Go-Kart Night
June 12, 2001

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We bad - we bad!   Time for the final race with a Grand Prix style start.
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Competition warming up early.

Jim looks like 100 MPH

Passing ain't easy, so
who's passing who?

View for the slow guy.

Check over the shoulder, and
cut off the fast car.

The fast fingers finesse.

They should make these bigger.

Hard passing on the outside.

Nobody close.
Am I winning or losing?

Kissing the guard rail for
taking the short route.

Father and son competition.
Experience or less weight?

Light driver in the fast car.

At least no one got tossed out (this time).

Six of the meanest desparados staged for the final race.

Finesse finally beats the weight advantage at the finish line.

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