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Dave Tucker's dream cars, gone in a flash
September 2002


Wanted to show you the pics. On the 1st at 1am a drunk came around the curve too fast, plowed into our yellow Midget, hit the rear of our MGB, pushed it into a Saturn. The MGB went under the Saturn, and both went into a Merc. Villager Van. Sue heard the crash, called me to come outside ( I was in the basement). I went running out in my "shorts, t/thirt, no socks", was ugly. Looked down the street & saw a person getting out of his car. Time I got down there he was pulling out the plastic bumper out from underneath; it was acting like a skid under his tires & he couldn't steer. Thats the only reason he stopped. I told him, "You hit my cars". He tells me sorry, no hard feelings, want to be friends? Wants to shake my hands. I want to punch him in the head. I took his hand & said come down & lets look at 4 months work on the MGB & 3 months on the Midget restoring them & you took them out in a heart beat. He had no insurance-glad I have full coverage. I got to watch the cops do a drunk test (he could hardly walk) & saw him handcuffed & taken away.


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