Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Emissions Tuning Tech Sessions
October 12 & 26, 2002 - Streamwood, IL

Ah, there's what they all came for!

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At one time the count was at least 12 MGB, 1 Midget, and 1 MGA? What was that doing there? This was a rather large crowd for a culdesac in a residential neighborhood, but by now the neighbors have gotten used to Cowboy's visitors.

The first patient was a 1979 MGB with all the whistles and bells still in place. This one had failed the air test miserably twice already. There was about an hour of tinkering, chat for lessons, clean the carburetor, retard the timing to 0 degrees TDC, and lean out the mixture slightly. Then two miles down the street at the official testing station it passed with flying colors. See results sheet above.

The small green box on the left is a Gunnson's Gastester digital exhaust gas analyzer, compliments of Tom Sotomayor. This is limited to testing for carbon monoxide only, but it gives good readings. If you lean out the carburetor too much the CO readings go down farther, but the hydrocarbon emissions go back up. The larger silver box on the right is a Sears/Penske air-fuel ratio and tune-up analyzer belonging to the club. It can handle a battery of electrical tests as well as measuring air/fuel ratio and carbon monoxide emissions.

Look for additional report in November 2002 Driveline.

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