Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Engine Tech Sessions
August 12 and September 2, 2000
Naperville, IL

The first session on August 12th was a big hit with the dozen or so members who attended. The engine on the left (click for larger picture) was disassembled for inspection, while another fresh engine block had "eyebrows" ground for valve clearance. A bit of impromptu engine diagnostic work was also undertaken on a visiting MGA.

The next session on September 2nd was a bit of a bust for attendace, with only a couple of members sharing the day. Nonetheless some work was accomplished, with one short block being assembled, crankshaft thrust washers adjusted for proper end float, all bearings, and pistons installed, new camshaft and cam drive parts installed with a little creative cam timing. A few days later one extra freshly machined cylinder head was painted, assembled, and shipped off to a new home to get another MGA back on the road.

(click on small photos for larger photos).

Half way through the first morning, with one engine mostly disassembled, there was a short pause for a demonstration of the "calibrated arm". Main bearing caps call for 70 lb-ft torque. Barney Gaylord gave the nuts each in turn a good twist with a 1/2 inch drive ratchet handle. This was followed by a torque check with an actual torque wrench. Each nut measured between 74 an 78 lb-ft of torque required to make it turn just a bit more. How does he do it? Lots of practice.

Later in the day, when it was decided to install a high lift cam and a shaved head on the new engine, it was necessary to cut "eyebrows" in the top of the engine block for clearance for the valves at full lift. After a bit of careful layout work with a scratch awl, several members took turns with the router and one inch grinding wheel cutting the small reliefs in the iron block. Given the right tool this is an amazingly simple process taking less than 5 minutes per cut.

Next up, gearbox tech day on October 7th, same time, same place.

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