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Lands End Rally
July 11, 2009

Out for a fun day, we might as well start somewhere fun.

One of the gimmicks for this gimmick rally was a crossword puzzle. The General Instructions stated that the crossword puzzle was only for reference and would not be scored, so you could leave it blank or do whatever you wanted with it. The character count length for each answer was given along with questions, so everyone left the puzzle blank, figuring it was a waste of time, but some of the "exact spelling required" answers could only be resolved by reference to some other words.

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Follow a specific route and answer fun questions.

Federal Protection agency. -- OSHA

How many men come with five trucks? -- TEN

What's in the Container? -- DART

How big is the city? -- 164681

What comes to "529"? -- BUS

Who works with Lowney? -- GENGLER

Who is Venkateswara? -- SWAMI

The questions started off close together and easy, as above, just to get the feel of a gimmick rally. Then the questions got a little trickier. Safety does not begin at "EXEL", even though the signs are in the same driveway. In fact the sign very specifically states "Safety begins "HERE". Clearly the best is "Milgard", not "Windows", but you might need the puzzle to catch that.

What's in the river? -- LIFE

Where does safety begin? -- HERE

Clearly the best -- MILGARD

Who are #30? -- PAINTERS

How fast can you get a lube job? -- JIFFY

Name a ridge and a valley. -- VERONA, ORCHARD

Where did the first people live? -- SETTLERS RIDGE

What machine is near the two bottom plow? -- DUMP RAKE

Where does the duck live? -- MALLARD LN

What's crossing here? -- HORSE

How much is for sale at McCannon? -- LOTS

What can you buy with grass in a basket? -- HOSTAS

The duck lives on Mallard Ln. There was also a subdivision named Mallard Point (Pt), but the puzzle would resolve this issue. I was sure people of our generation would be misguided by a "basket of grass", but apparently not. It was interesting the "Rhoades" was on "Rhodes" St. The weapon below is technically a "gun" (with rifling in the barrel), but the answer called for six letters.

Stop what and save what? -- BELTWAY, FARMLAND

Who comes after Schoger and Underwood? -- RHOADES

What English vehicle is parked on the right? -- FERGUSON

What's the security for Town Hall? -- CANNON

What's on the roof at 305? -- WIDOWS WALK

What famous musical is seen at 208? -- HAIR

What kind of fuel leads the way? -- PATHFINDER (10-ltrs)

Who owns the Place? -- ESTHER

What's on the big rock? -- BIG ROCK

What's between gutters and roofing? -- SIDING

How old is the Historical Society? -- 14

What did Red give to Kenny? -- FENCE

Who's park is it? -- PLOWMAN'S

Where do you find licensed hunting? -- BEAR'S LN

What's in the yard at 435? -- PLOW

What's in the tree at 745? -- SWING

"Licensed Hunting" was within 10 feet of the road, but I don't think anyone saw it. Plow and Swing were gimmie's to get your confidence up, but then I can't believe how many people missed "The Answer" on the Jesus billboard.

What is the answer? -- JESUS

Where can you get fresh eggs and stud service? -- CABALLERIZA

The best little horse house. -- YEE-HAA-WEST

What kind of lube-n-oil would your MG like? -- DIAMOND

How good are Tom's used cars? -- OK

Where can you get your MG insured? -- BMC

What can you rent at the Space Center? -- SPACE

Who is carrying a torch for you? -- LIBERTY

Food for your sweet tooth. -- FUNNEL CAKES

What's the final score of the ball game? -- 11-9

Who won that game? -- CORTLAND

What color is the Pub? -- BROWN

The "Ball Game" score was a little perverted, but literally in your face as you passed. I don't think anyone got it. One of the worst oversights of the day was missing the color of the Pub. It is not "BEIGE". You had to see one of the multiple signs in order to know it was "the pub". Superman of course would have no trouble breaking a chain and carrying away a big barrel of trash.

How old is Carl's Oil? -- 62

What's Xing here? -- MOOSE

Who is Lois Lane's sister? -- SHARON

Could Superman steal the trash cans? -- YES

Who played here 82 years ago? -- GLOBETROTTERS

Who won this year? -- GIRLS

What color is the wood on the big hill? -- GREEN

What is the span between the gates? -- 46-YEARS

Where the "H" are we going? -- SANDWICH

How old is Oak Dale? -- 154

When was Oak Dale 100?
(click for answer)

What has four wheels and a bonnet? -- COVERED WAGON

How long has the Fraser family lived here? -- 161-YEARS

How old is the fair? -- 121

How old is the Village? -- 175

What do the "Guys" sell? -- FENCE

What's in the wagon at 500? -- BAREREL

What's the memorial to Olmstead? -- MUSEUM

Who's between Doug and Rambo? -- MILTY

What does the dirt do? -- WORKS

The beer wagon was fun, but really very small. This was a telephoto camera shot from very close making it look large. No one caught the Museum, as it was one door down a side street at a fairly busy intersection. Pizza is not a "who". The HIGH club was in your face, but most people got it wrong because of the spelling.

What does TJ run? -- SALON

What club is high? -- GENTLMEN'S

What does Nelson run in his home? -- CREMATORY

Where the harvest is stored. -- CHAPEL

What part of your car will Larson fix? -- ALL OF IT

What's after Millington? -- DEAD END

Who uses the Trails? -- HUNSTMAN

What's the first housing div. on Little Rock Rd? -- LALEWOOD

The answer to Larson's business was elusive, absolutely requiring the crossword puzzle to work it out, so no one got it. We had only one correct spelling for "Lalewood" as most people insisted on repairing the broken "K". Nearly everyone found "A.O. Smith", but some thought it was blue, over looking the fact that quotes indicate words and not an object.

What does Woodwind build? -- NEIGHBORHOODS

Who's behind the locked fence? -- AT&T

What's the Legacy? -- FARM

What color is "A.O. Smith"? -- WHITE

How old is Jericho Cemetery? -- 163

What's big, green and orange? -- PUMPKINS

Name a bad guy, a pig, and a little boy. -- DARTH, PORKY, PINOCCHO

How big is the next town? -- 14407

The cemetery date was tricky, as the larger number is the date of dedication of the gate and gateposts. Everyone saw "big, green and orange", buy most tried to call it "GrainBin" or "CornCrib" (with no space). The crossword puzzle would only allow an "S" on the end, but if you read the sign you were okay. Miniature golf was an opportunity for a 3 answers in one stop. Lots of people tried to call the bad guy "VADER" even though it wouldn't fit the puzzle.

What number is on the hole in the ground? -- 23

Who's estate is it? -- LINDEN

What comes out in the morning? -- STAR

What's built on granite? -- MINISTRIES

Who lives in the Village near the water? -- PIONEERS

What's the biggest machine near ABC? -- STEAM ENGINE

What does OVGC manage? -- TURF

What Valley is trying to hide? -- ORCHARD

What little Frenchman wants to keep you well? -- LeBEAU

Where do the Huskies live? -- HERGET (not Aurora)

Food for your suite tooth. -- CANDLEWOOD

How large is the Academy? -- PETITE

4-letter acronym for the Academy. -- IMSA

What color are the trees? -- GOLDEN

Touching the arc. -- TANGENT

Ah, back to start and time for a cool down.

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