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Missouri Endurance Rally - March 20-21, 2004

Ferry across a river during the rally.
Photos compliments of Kim Tonry - Click on small pictures for BIGGER pictures. Larger ones average 36K

Getting there is half the fun, and sometimes half the challenge. The new engine ran fine, but the generator died.

Tempting trophies to get the road show rolling.

Everyone to the maps! - Before you can plot the shortest route you have to locate the checkpoints.

You drove WHERE? - Did WHAT? - Talked to WHO? - Got back WHEN?

Tally scores the next morning. After a 24 hour rally, you're driving home the same day? These guys look a bit bushed.

The sceinic route home, along old Route 66, making a slight detour occasoinally to find what's left of the road.

If we don't get home soon, this couild be a long night after a long day after a long night after a long day.

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