Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Trip to MG 2004, Parsippany, NJ
June 20-27, 2004

Independence Hall.
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Indiana, PA

Three States and Seven Counties

Grandview Hotel Site

Cars at Grandview Hotel Site

Gettysburg Battlefield NW corner

Gettysburg Peace Memorial

Lancaster Traffic Trap

Ben Franklin Post Office Philly

Independence Hall

Liberty Bell

Constitution written here

Declaration of Indepenance signed here

Circle Line Tour Dock

Gustav Sticley's Home and Museum

Revolutionary War Reenactor

Oscar keeping dry

Rainy night in the parking lot

Trying to keep dry

MG's can keep you dry

Type I cars

Right side of cars show

Center of cars show

Left side of Car show

63 B with matching trailer

The ladies with the Midgets

Leaving Parsippany

Caravan cars

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