Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
MGA Research Corp. Autocross
October 14, 2001
Burlington, Wisconsin

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The skid pad we use is the large white rectangle at upper center.
North is to the upper right corner of the picture.

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This place is huge, no matter which way you look. The skid pad is 12 acres, about 500 x 1000 feet.
There is a rumor that this place may be a special skunk works for one of our favorite cars.
If you were there, you may find your picture here.

Paddock in the left pictures along the west edge of the skid pad. Start and finish area in the right pictures.
Most of the day was slightly overcast, so the pictures are a little hazy with slow shutter speed.

MG Midgets and one AH Sprite, MGAs, MGBs, BGTs, one MGB V8, a few highly modified MG race cars, you name it they were here. For visiting competitors we had one Toyots MR2 and one Alfa Romeo from our friends in the Alfa club. Also one Ford Taurus SHO V8 running and one MG TC race car that just came to watch.

We broke into two groups so half could drive while the other half could work the corners and chase cones. After a few laps we all switched places and continued with the fun. The weather held off with overcast and an occasional burst of sun but no rain. There was time after the official runs for a few fun runs, some with passengers. Appearantly everyone had enough track time, and we picked up the equipment when no more cars were at the start line.

After the event we retired to Countryside Pub for food, drink, merriment, and announcement of the awards. About a half hour after arival the sky let loose with a sudden rain and some light hail. A few minutes after we got the cars all covered it quit, and the sun was out nicely by departure time. Little did we know at the time that our friends back home were getting several inches of rain in the Chicago area (not that we really missed it all that much). No broken cars, and a good time was had by all.

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