Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Miata-MG Invitational Autocross
Zion-Benton High School, Zion, IL - June 15, 2003

Large intimidating pylons demand a certain respect from small cars.
Click for larger images. - Larger pics average 31KB.

Miata - Miata - Beetle - Cobra replica with Viper V10 engine..

Bob Brownlow, BGT - - Gary Cooke, MGB

Larry Czachor, MGB - - Barney Gaylord, MGA

Wade Keene, MGB - - Jack McIlvian, Midget

Photos courtesy of David Lieb.
Too bad he couldn't take his own picture while he was driving, but it was a blue Midget.

And now for the guy behind the camera, and the guy working up the web page,
we have these two pictures pirated from the Miata web site:

David Lieb - Midget - - - - Barney Gaylord - MGA

Scores and Awards

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