Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Larry Daniel's Midget clutch session, April 1, 2000

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Midget engine on hoist
Well, it came out, didn't it?
Engine & gearbox out of car
Waddaya mean, "that was the easy part"?

Larry in the engine bay
Larry didn't know there was
so much space in his Midget.

Midget under the Midget?
Yup, that must be Cowboy.
Who else would fit under a Midget?
Pressure plate with marks of damage
Damage showing on the pressure plate.
Are we not missing the center thrust ring?
Clutch disk with sprung spring
Spring has sprung.
Looks like it got munched a bit too.

So it got a new clutch disk, pressure plate and release bearing, and with a little help from some friends it was all back together the same day. Hey, what are club buddies for anyway?

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