Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
MG Parts Inventory, Silent Auction, Grab & Carry Away
September 22, 2007 - Lombard, Illinois

CMGC members trying to identify some of the items and pull out the “goodies”.
All of the donated items were separated into categories for much easier “auctioning”.

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Our club had been given a LARGE cache of used MG parts that is currently stashed in the club rental storage locker. All club members were invited and welcome to come to Locker D5 at the Thompson Grand Rental Center.
We started off kind of slow; three members were there at 10:00 AM and began pulling boxes and loose parts from the locker. Then little by little the crowds began to show up! Total attendance was thirteen members. The locker was emptied and separated into various part categories. After the separation, the club members pulled out the items that they were interested in and we had a silent auction for all of the parts that were separated. Reinout Vogt was our impartial auditor in this event (it was good to have him back in action again).

After the auction, everyone loaded their treasures into their cars. Then all of the parts were placed back into boxes by category and reloaded into the locker. And once again the club locker is stuffed to the gills with parts and the floor can’t be seen!

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