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CMGC Project Car Tech Days - 2006
Work location: Homewood, IL
May 21 to Nov 18, 2006 (and continuing in spring of 2007).

The 1977 MGB was donated by Jim Evans. There was some rust in the lower fenders and outer sills. Inner sills and floor pans are generally solid. The engine is complete with all original emissions control parts, although the engine and gearbox were out of the car at time of delivery. The suspension needs new rubber or poly bushes, and it needs new pads and rotors to make sure the brakes are absolutely up to snuff. There's a little work to be done on most aspects of the car so there's something for most folks to learn about from working on this car. We will start by tackling the bodywork. Time to remove seats and carpeting to see how much work it needs in the sills. Watch for news updates in the monthly newsletters.

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Initial progress was a little slow, with only a few people poking and discussing on May 21st, and deciding how to proceed. On June 4th the work was started at in ernest at Wade Keene's shop in Homewood, removing a front wing, cutting away a bit of dogleg, and getting started on the left side rocker panel.

By the third work day on June 24th a few more people were making progress with disassembling the rusted outer sill panels on the left side. Third picture above shows the intermediate sill panel in process of removal. Use of the air powered spot weld mill followed by a chissel and light hammer removes the first panel while keeping the second panel flange in tact. It is rather slow going to do it right, but results in a straight and clean inner panel. By end of day the flat intermediate panel was completely removed and spot welds ground smooth. Some sand blasting will remove surface rust and prep the inner box section ready for painting before reassembly. Also time to see what the passenger side may need.

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