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Roy Lichter's Pagent Blue 1979 MGB

From the late 60's to the early 1980's, my father, Tom Lichter, worked on English cars (MG's and Triumphs mainly, some Austin Healey's and Jag's too). He ran a shop on the northwest side called the Auto Forum. He always liked the B the most, but also owned a 1972 XKE V12 roadster for 19 years. Eventually he got out of the business after British Leyland collapsed and is now pursuing other endeavors.

He got thirsty for them again once I saw his college pictures of him and his MGB's and asked about it. So, now that I'm old enough, I decided to continue the tradition and take the rite of passage, so him and I found this lovely 1979 MGB in wonderful Pageant Blue. The story of this particular car is quite interesting.

This MG was sitting in front of an old church near Routes 83 and 132 in Lake Villa, Illinois. It didn't look like it was driven much --- had a tarp over it and no top, expired plates, etc. My father knocked on the church door, and the car wasn't for sale. The owner and him exchanged business cards and he left. A few weeks later we got a call that the car was for sale, and the bargaining began. On July 21st, we bought the MG.

The car needed work. It needed a new interior, convertible top, exhaust system, radiator, gas tank, rear brakes, brake master cylinder, electrical work, eliminate the problematic electronic ignition, diff clunk fix, fuel pump, etc. Thankfully the body is straight and true. We did all of the necessary repairs and the car runs great, and is an amazing MG. It is my toy, my passion, and a true extension of my own self. I drive it whenever weather permits. I hope you all enjoyed my MG story.

My pictures are attached---even one of me when I was a baby in that 72 XKE.

I love my MG and wanted to share my experience with the club members.


Roy Lichter

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