Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Siemens Autocross
September 3, 2000
Hoffman Estates, IL

We had great weather for the Siemens autocross. There was an occasional light drizzle that made the course slippery, other than that every thing went well. We had sixteen MG's trying to beat the clock. Reinout Vogt set up a great course to play on. Barney Gaylord set the fastest time of the day with his MGA, with Don Anderson close behind. In the prepared class Dave Bralick came in first with Paul Urquhart coming in second. In the stock class Brad Goodman did a fine job of placing first with Nick Jacob moving into second spot.

Keep the rubber side down
Mike Olsen

Barney Gaylord catching air on his way to fast time of day.

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Line up here.

Nose to the start line.

Launch on the count of 3,

and then each to his own

as you find your way

around the cones.

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