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Spring Chicken Rally
May 6, 2001

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What a great day for a rally! Tops down all around (except for a couple of GTs). Twenty-five cars entered the rally, and everyone found the ending point (even though not everyone found the whole rally route).

The drivers meeting was pleasantly crowded, only a few last minute repairs on the cars, and the sky was just enough overcast to reduce the incidence of sunburn. Not easy crowding two dozen MGs and a TR6 into the bus stop, but it was a good place to meter the cars out in order, one for each change of the traffic light.

Many of the ralliests had been here before, so no problem finding the White Fence Farm restaurant at the end. The restaurant owner is a fan of ours, so we get to park the MGs in his driveway. Time to fudge your mileage estimate and hand in the answer sheet.

Time for some fine dining on the worlds greatest chicken (and/or shrinp). Some stay to lick their fingers, some eye the sky and bug out early. Those who left early may have made it home dry. Later departures may have collected a little rain on the way home. Of course the rally was great fun. Just check the pictures and you find a story on every face. It would be great fun writing captions of each person, but no need, as they all had their own way of telling it.

Somehow there are more stories here than just the scores, so maybe we can look forward to a nice report in Driveline. Meanwhile you can check the scores and awards on the results page.

Photos and web page courtesy of Barney Gaylord

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