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Spring Chicken Rally
May 5, 2002

MGs, A - B - C - GT - Midget & Mini? - assembled for the 2002 Spring Chicken Rally
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One of the early arivals was this chrome bumper (no bumper) MGB from Indiana. Unfortumately this one had no operational brake lights, and that's no way to run in a rally. Not to despair though, just R&R the brake light switch, pry it open for a little Grapes Of Wrath repair, crimp it back together, and it's good brake lights for the rest of the day.

By that time most of the cars had arived at the bus stop Park And Ride in Bolingbrook, and the rest of the tops were going down as the early overcast was clearing off. I swear, David Lieb's "R_MGT_1" is looking a little more tired each time it shows up, but it just keeps on running.

Then the last "fashionably late" arivals were Steven and Janisse Selan with their brand new (big) Mini. This held up the rally for a little while while everyone had to give it a good once over. At two feet longer and a half ton heavier than the original Mini, this one makes the Midget look small (as if it wasn't small enough already). About then Don Anderson (rallymaster) had to redirect the fun by dragging out some strange paraphanalia to get the rally under way.

"Gentlemen, start your engines", and the rally was off with cars departing at about two minute intervals. We can all smile with just a little intrepidation as we read instructions carefully, and pay no attention that the car ahead turned right when you were supposed to turn left. True to form, most British car rallies will have some error in the route instructions, but that just spices things up a bit when you finally figure out how to get back on course. And as usual for the Spring Chicken Rally, it turned out to be a grand day to work on your new sun tan.

After roaming generally south and south west for a few hours the rally ended back in Bolingbrook at Mindy's BAR-B-Q Ribs restaurant. The last question was "What did the pig say?", to which there was possibly more than one answer. But even if you didn't want ribs there was a large menu with plenty of other tastey morsels to tickle your tummy. Find the full rally report with results and winners in the June 2002 issue of Driveline. And y'all come out to the next rally now, y'hear?.

Photos courtesy of Barney Gaylord and Don Anderson.

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