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Spring Chicken Rally
May 4, 2003

Gathering of the clan found us parked on top of a hill, difficult to get all the cars in one picture.
Starting at Campton Hills Forest Preserve west of St Charles. Finishing at Coleman's restaraunt in Algonquin.
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We had a dozen cars in the rally. The MGB V8 belongs to John Hubbard, a local member (very local), who came for greetings in the morning but did not run the rally. Drivers meeting at the shelter. Weather was not as chilly as it may appear. Most cars had tops down on arival, but most put them up to cut the wind and save the papers during the rally.

Mostly rural roads for cruising through about 60 miles of rally, Kudos to the rallymaster Wade Keene for the dropping in a few miles of gravel road here and there. The driving route was absolutely marvelous. Route instructions were 100% tulip diagrams, no words and no street names, so if you goofed it might take a little back tracking to get back on route.

Finishing at Coleman's restaraunt in Algonquin. All cars accounted for, no one lost, but we did wait a while for a few stragglers.

While we were waiting, David Lieb was busy fixing the only mechanical failure. His Midget had dropped the exhaust header pipe from the manifold outlet. Very noisy, but nothing to keep the car from finishing the rally. The center pipe hanger did a pretty good job of holding up the pipe, so it was only dragging a little on occasion. A few hex nuts from a hardware store across the street was enough to put it back together. Meanwhile we also got a look at the recently blown head gasket from Mike Hirsch's Midget. That one happened a day or two earlier and was fixed before the rally.

Nice dinner stop at Coleman's in Algonquin. We had plenty of chat about the rally drive, and some information about longest mileage and longest time. The tally of mileage adjustments was going to take a while, so announcement of the winners will come later. Having started in St Charles and finishing in Algonquin, the drive home was about 40 miles longer (for some of us). Time to put the top down again.

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