Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
CMGC 2003 Spring Tour
Crystal Lake, IL, to and around Lake Geneva, WI
April 27, 2003

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Starting the tour, 12 MGs, 1 TR6, and two non-British monster cars. The weather was as perfect as can be for April, bright sun shine all day and temperatures climbing through the 70's as the trip progressed. Along the way we enjoyed some 19th century architecture and some wonderful country roads. And drop one MGB to a time problem.

At the southeast corner of the lake the instruction read, "Continue on Hillside to the end at the lake". Some of us took it more seriously than others. No wake allowed, if you happen to be driving an Amphicar. Otherwise it's a short swim back to the dock.

It was a great place for a short pause to collect the clan before the lap around the lake. The smaller the car the easier it was to get it pointed back in the proper exit direction. About this time we lost one blue MG Midget to a faulty starter motor. They did finish the rally, but for lunch chose a different restaraunt with a more advantageously sloping parking lot, better for the push start required for getting home.

We ran a few busy streets around the lake, and a few not so busy Rustic Roads. Finally we all wind up at Poppeye's in Lake Geneva for a casual lunch. Counting at least 26 noses, that likely accounts for the remaining 13 cars. After lunch some stuck around town to shop, some extended the tour for more miles, some took a short cut home, and some followed the rest of the route instructions back to Crystal Lake (and returned home from there). The prescribed tour route clocked in right at 90 miles, but getting to the starting point and home again could easily double the distance. Fair to say a good time was had by all, and nobody was complaining about the weather.

More pictures below, courtesy of Don Anderson.

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