Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Spring Tune-Up Day
April 22, 2001

We would like to thank Mark Leuck for the use of his facilities
at Quality Tire and Auto, 6710 Rt 83, Darian, Illinois.

Photos and web page courtesy of Barney Gaylord
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A good day for the spring tune up party, warm and just slightly wet in the morning. At least 30 people in attendance and probably two dozen cars. Most of the cars were in for their spring oil change and lube and a general under-chassis checkup. Also quite a bit of tuning and a few repairs going on.

Cars ariving at 9:00 AM sharp and already beginning to fill the service bays. David Lieb takes the opportunity to install a new alternator in the Midget.

Sparks and fuel were getting plenty of attention all day long. Barney Gaylord's MGA had a broken sway bar link, making it just a little slower through the autocross sloloms. Then it also turned out to have a defunct sway bar, being broken clean through but hidden inside of the left side frame mount bushing. Finally, a good reason to install that new 7/8 inch bar that has been hanging around since last summer.

Tune-ups continued through most of the day. A little mid day rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits. And the cars just kept coming, some getting double parked when all the spaces were filled.

The Midget from the Al Piemonte Ford tech day finally gets the new brakes up front. Unfortunately we find what appears to be a generic problem with new Midget brake rotors. The casting is thin and the bolts too close to the edge, so one of the threaded holes breaks out the side of the rotor hub. This one will be going back for a replacement part. Coincidentally, one of the old rotors was also broken out in the same manner. Mike Hirsch shows off his new "arch style" radiator. This is what happens when the floor jack slips out from under the front cross member.

Plenty of front suspension checkups today, and quite a few worn suspension and kingpin bushings turning up. Maybe material for a future tech session. By early afternoon it was sunny and warm, great tops down and t-shirt weather. Everyone who wanted to had time to get their car on the lifts, and we even had a couple of empty service bays near the end of the day. One last Midget showed up for a late oil change. Thought we were seeing double until noticing the wire wheels. Brooklands Green was quite popular in the late 70's. About half of the day's participants reconvened down the street for pizza and beverage and casual chat after the wrenching was finished.

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