Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Spring Tune Up Party
at Quality Tire and Auto

April 13, 2003 - Darian, IL

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This year we had a major break with tradition. It didn't rain. A few cars arived with the tops up, but they were all down by departure time with full sun and temperatures climbing into the 70's. Removing your shoes to count cars was no help, as you would run out of fingers and toes.

A fresh restoration, the traditional Snyder tool wagon, and plenty of lube jobs and inspections.

Changing a brake hose before it goes bad, and plenty of opportunity for, .... uh, .... serious discussion?

Some cars seem to have all of the typical problems at once. Perforated dogleg, vacated sills, and the traditional tie down crush of the rear brake lines. In fact at one time on adjacent lifts there were two cars with similar crushed brake lines. For this car also add worn suspension and kingpin bushings and non-existent cross member pads.

Cowboy exercizing his nifty oil filler pump. Steering rack oil fill and front end lube. And when all the cars are satisfied, more than a dozen MGs retire to The Kerry Piper Irish Pub for a well deserved early afternoon lunch.

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