Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Spring Tune Up Party
at Quality Tire and Auto

April 25, 2004 - Darian, IL

Running the full range of quality around the lot, this MGB was purrrr-ticularly nice.
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With two dozen cars in attendance, a few less than last year, there was plenty of time for everyone on the lifts. Lots of minor tinkering going on here with oil changes, lube jobs, topping off gearboxes ond differentials, checking out suspension and exhaust systems.

The trick of the day was this MGB with fistfuls of newspaper stuffed into the sills. This looked like it was done to fill some space while spraying undercoating on everything, probably a prior attempt to cover and hide some serious rust. Interestingly, the date on the newspaper was April fools day, April 1, 2001.

Some tune up chores do not require a lift, so there was plenty of tinkering in the car park, with a wide assortment of different models of MG on hand.

Funny how some cars can look very nice on top, and still have problems underneath, like mushy rubber bushings and worn kingpins. We must be getting better though. This time there were no life threatening mechanical cliffhangers, no broken propshaft, no floppy brake caliper, and no pinched hydraulic lines.

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