Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Fall Tune-Down Party at Al Piemonte Ford
November 11, 2001

We would like to thank Russ Casolari and Al Piemonte Ford
for the use of thier facilities
at 2500 North Avenue, Melrose Park, Illinois.

Photos and web page courtesy of Barney Gaylord

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In spite of one broken garage door, we had four lifts occupied for four hours and got lots of serious work done. Barney Gaylord started early with repacking front wheel bearings on his MGA, reinstalling a bolt in a tail pipe hanger, changing oil in the engine, gearbox and differential, and giving it a chassis lube and general inspection. Kalvin Barnes was at the other end of the bay with a little help from Steve Merical installing SpeediSleeves and new seals in the rear hubs of his ZB Magnette. Meanwhile an MGB in the next lane was getting a carburetor tune up and fluids changed.

As the day wore on at least 15 MG were taking turns in the service bays, mostly up on the lifts for fluid changes and general under all inspections, a few carburetor tweaks and some brake inspections and adjsutments. We even got some use out of the power car wash. Favorite tool of the day was the oil gun, used for installing oil in the gearbox and differential. This one looks like a large grease gun with a flex hose but without the pump handle, and it works like a syringe. It will suck up more than half a quart of oil in one stroke and squirt it into the gearbox without making a mess. It works great underneath the car, and also for filling the gearbox through the tunnel from inside the car.

Great day all around. All it needed for finishing touch was an MG sign to hang on the outside of the building. As we were closing up shop a little after 1pm, about a dozen members headed over to Portillos for beef sandwiches and drinks. The Magnette suffered a water pump failure on the way there and ended up spending the night in the car park before getting a new water pump. The weather could not have been better for mid November, with light jackets and tops down on the way home.

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