Chicagoland MG Club:Photos
Fall Tune-Down Party at Al Piemonte Ford
November 10, 2002

We would like to thank Russ Casolari and Al Piemonte Ford
for the use of their facilities at
2500 North Avenue, Melrose Park, Illinois.


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One of the first cars up, and none too soon. When you have a wobble and a few clunks it's time to investigate. This one had a broken rear shock absorber link (looked like a bad weld), and the rear sway bar mount hitting the exhaust pipe. In the front the inner a-arm pivot was missing one mounting bolt with a second one mostly unthreaded. Nice that there was a Pep Boys auto parts next door open on Sunday. At least the bolts were fixed, but the shock link had to wait for a replacement part.

All together now. One, two, three, lift. Three green Bs in a row all getting an undercarriage checkup. Lots or oil changes and lube jobs all moring, and even a few tune ups on Tune Down day.

The cars kept coming all morning. Must have had at least two dozen MGs on the lifts by noon. Five lifts, no waiting (well, not much waiting). All the cars got what they needed and, we were finishing up by 12:30.

This one needed a little oil in the steering rack, as it was dragging a bit at full right lock. And then we found the impossible Zerk fitting pointing straight forward in the center of the rear u-joint. Since fixing this this would require R&R of the u-joint, guess we just wait for it to wear out, and then install a new one (with an angle fitting pointing in the right direction next time). Then the last car our died while backing up. Pushed back into the bay, it didn't take long to find the loose wire at the fuel pump (oversite after changing a fuel line).

Then a bunch of us meandered over to Jeff Powell's house, just about mile away. First spotting was the nicely restored MG ZB Magnette.

Once inside attention turned to the supercharged MG TC that Jeff uses for Vintage racing.
Also notice the very special issue 16" wire wheels.
Jeff's garage turned out to contain a veritable museum full of automobile memorabilia.

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